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Choose a paid internship that lasts from 6 months up to one and half year in the following fields:


6-18 months-paid internship
Placement Examples:
PHP Developer;
Javascript and HTML5 Developer

Customer care Representative

6-18 months-paid internship
Placement Examples:
Customer Care Representative with Spanish at SYKES;
Customer Care Representative with Dutch at SYKES


6-18 months paid internship
Placement Examples:
Process Analyst with German at Office Depot;
Process Assistant with German at Office Depot

Human Resources

6-18 months-paid internship
Placement Examples:
HR Intern with Swedish Language at Bombardier Transportation


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    University student (in the terminal year or master) or graduate.

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    Owning an advanced level of English. Speaking another language can be an advantage but not mandatory.

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    A minimum experience (of 3 months) in the chosen field.

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    Maximum 29 years old.

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These awesome people accepted the challange!

João, Portugal – internship at Sykes Eastern Europe Enterprises

”Some people might undermine how a customer care job will help you become a better leader. Honestly, a good leader is not made because of big deeds because those deeds only make a leader be famous. The character and the values that shape a true leader are based on all the small steps and events that happen “backstage”. No one is born already taught.”

Francesco, Italy – internship at Soft Tech Plus

”After my experience I can say that I’m a mature person, I know bad things happen but you have just to live through in a wise way, for the series “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Romania made me stronger, wiser, more sure about myself and gifted me with new friends.
Moreover I have a new hometown, Cluj, where to go whenever I need to feel home.
Thanks to you guys!”

Cluj HUB about their intern, Lauren Xiong

”She proved to be an explorer, a great team-player, a resourceful Internet researcher, a muffin aficionado and a very warm person. We hope the internship was worth your while, Lauren, because we sure did enjoy knowing you!”

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